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Leonard Frank Meares was an Australian writer of western fiction. He wrote over 700 Westerns for the Australian paperback publishers Cleveland and Horwitz, using the pseudonym "Marshall Grover" "Ward Brennan" and "Glenn Murrell". In America, where he was published by Bantam Books, his pen-name was changed to "Marshall McCoy" and his character "Big Jim" became known as "Nevada Jim".

Piccadilly Publishing is proud to bring back the first twenty-four books in the Big Jim series in digital form, and we'll be using story-specific art by one of Australia's premiere paperback artists, Stan Pitt. The books presently appear on a bi-monthly basis. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Don't forget to check out our companion series, Larry and Stretch series as well!

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Published December 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

Introducing Big Jim Rand.

The bullet that killed Chris Rand sounded the death-knell to one career and started another for the tall, tough and relentless Jim Rand—the man they called Big Jim.

To strife-torn Libertad, a trouble town on the Arizona/Mexico border, came Big Jim, hunting his brother's killer. It was inevitable that he should become involved in the struggle for power in Libertad. The conflict between Sheriff Luke Hillary, who had lost the use of his gun-arm, and the Block B outfit, the ten trigger-happy hellions led by the fearsome Old Man Burdette.

And never far behind Big Jim—was that pocket-picking little Mexcian, Benito Espino. The Mex sided with Big Jim in the final hectic showdown, and a strange alliance was born.

Published February 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

They came for diamonds—but found hot lead!

Leather-tough Big Jim Rand, ex 11th Cavalry sergeant, and reputed fast-gun, is on the train bound for Moredo. His traveling companions include wealthy Mexican ranchers and their womenfolk carrying a fortune in jewels, supposedly locked safely in the caboose.

But Big Jim's hunt for the man who murdered his brother is interrupted when twelve desperadoes make a play to steal the jewels. To his utter surprise, Big Jim sees the killer taking an active part in the holdup.

To reach his objective, the man-hunter declares war on all twelve of the raiders—and the consequences are violent.

Published April 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

Along a strange trail they faced new danger.

Big Jim Rand didn't plan on becoming the guest of honor at a shotgun wedding but that was what the roughneck Gillery brothers had in mind when they kidnapped him and his sidekick—Benito

And if that wasn't enough for the pair, outlaw Pete Holbrook and his cut-throat crew were closing in on the Gillery ranch, preparing to kidnap or even murder the high-spirited Lucy Rose, sister of the hard-boiled Gillerys.

With Big Jim and Benito caught in the middle of another dangerous intrigue, another crisis that could only end in a gunsmoke showdown…

Published June 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

A woman died. A hell-house burned to the ground.

Big Jim and Benito find themselves embroiled in another suspense-filled adventure when his quest to find his brother's murderer brings Big Jim to Cadiz City—the town wherein violence smoldered and flared bright.

Sarina Hale's legacy, all that her mother had to bequeath her, was a powder-keg with a naked fuse—the sealed diary of the woman who once operated the town's rowdiest house of entertainment.

Many a man coveted that book, fearful that their past sins were recorded between the leather-bound covers. To keep his guilt a secret, one was prepared to kill—and this was the man who would have to face Big Jim in mortal combat…

Published August 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

The tall avenger becomes…a One Man Jury.

Alvarez County looked to be pretty peaceful territory but Big Jim Rand and his sawn-off Mexican sidekick were soon locking horns with three belligerent defenders of the peace.

Big Jim was befriended by the beautiful and unpredictable Ruth Harnett and her father, the old hellion who had begun wreaking havoc with the Talbot Stage Line, fast-earning notoriety as The Laughing Ghost.

Here, Big Jim had to appoint himself judge, prosecutor and jury to challenge and defeat a quartet of deadly desperadoes…

Published October 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

Violence! Counterfeiters! Man-Hunter!

Tascosa, New Mexico, a town in which many a man played a double game, watching, waiting for an explosion of violence that would signify the end of a lawless intrigue.

Into that hell-town, hunting a back-shooting killer, and a gang of counterfeiters, rode Big Jim and his partner, Bentio Espina–the busiest pickpocket north of the Rio Grande.

Add to this battle of wits were the smiling, unscrupulous Mace Carrick, and Rowenstock, the shrewd and implacable lawman, and Shelly, the undercover gun, who, in the moment of crisis, had good cause to be grateful to Big Jim's intervention…

Published December 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

As the net of intrigue tightened Clay Morrow was trapped.

Clay Morrow should have stayed in his hometown of Ellistown, where life passed unhurriedly and the sound of gunfire hardly ever heard. But his rebellious instincts compelled him to ride out in search of a new identity and wild adventure.

In the blink of an eye, Clay was soon in more adventure, more trouble, more danger than he could handle. His trail crossed that of a desperate man who conspired to attack and loot and army supply wagon.

In that moment of crisis, Clay was thrown together with a veteran man-hunter, the astute and courageous Jim Rand, and his buck-toothed bravado from south of the border…

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