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by Neil Hunter

The Jason Brand series utilizes the theme of the "maverick lawman". Brand is a former US Marshal turned gun-for-hire, and the series contains several of Neil's most intriguing plots, such as in Devil's Gold where -- in its original form -- a trail of Confederate gold leads Brand to Jamaica, where he locks horns with a Chinese renegade and teams up with a British secret agent!


The mysterious disappearance of three women in the city of New Orleans rings alarm bells right up to the steps of Washington itself. As one of the missing girls is the daughter of Oliver Delacort, a powerful and well-connected man, Jason Brand is ordered to get to the bottom of it. He soon discovers that Crescent City isn't the prettiest of places they would have you believe and in very short time, Brand meets with violent resistance. But they picked on the wrong man. Brand is a force to be reckoned with and with his .45 primed and ready, those standing in his way of justice had better take care ... regardless of their practise in the dark arts of Voodooism. Neither gators nor ghosts are going to stop Brand in this blood-soaked adventure.

Published November 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.28


Vital documentation that would help bring a number of crooked Washington politicians and influential businessmen to book was stolen during a violent train robbery. Jason Brand was ordered to get it back – and to bring in the gang responsible. But from the minute he hit the trail, he became a target. In the killing days that follow, Brand meets violence with violence and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. But someone’s determined to stop him at any price … and as the spent shell-cases continue piling up, he slowly begins to unravel the complicated deceptions that stand in his way – even to exposing one man he mistakenly believes is on his side! In the bullet-riddled climax, Brand was going to do his job and no one was going to stop him. But it was going to be a close-run thing. And this time Brand might not walk away from it.

Published February 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86

    9: HIGH KILL

His name was Jason Brand and the only sure thing he knew about himself was his skill with a gun. His past was a blank, his future unknown. When he met the beautiful and wealthy Virginia Maitland she was a lone woman desperate for help. With her life under threat from unseen enemies, she needed answers. Together they rode a dangerous trail through snowstorms, battling the raging elements as well as the men sent out to kill them. And only one thing was certain – the crash of gunfire would determine the outcome in a final showdown.

Published April 01, 2015
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Jason Brand's latest assignment has him pitted against Kwo Han, Chinese Tong Master, in a struggle to gain control of Confederate gold, lost for over twenty years. Brand has to battle the odds, violence and betrayal as he moved from New Mexico to Yucatan, gaining a new partner and facing blazing action. In his return to duty Brand brings his own justice to the lawbreakers ... and they are no match for his deadly skills!

Published December 01, 2014
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Marshal Jason Brand decides he is due a break, so he rides off to Mexico with a young woman named Sarita. But his peace is soon shattered by the old Apache, Nante, who asks Brand to bring in those of his people who have been enticed away to the Sierra Madre badlands by the renegade, Benito. Brand saddles up and sets off on the dangerous trail after Benito. When he finally reaches the Sierra Madre, there are surprises in store as he must face old enemies. Will he live long enough to fulfill his promise to Nante?

Published April 01, 2014
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Infiltrating an organization dedicated to the resurrection of the Confederacy, and putting a stop to their planned uprising, places Jason Brand in the firing line on his new assignment. As Brand becomes involved with the fanatical St. Clair family, violence erupts and he has a fight for survival on his hands. Brand makes his stand against the rebels, uncovers an assassination plot – and suffers a very personal tragedy of his own.

Published January 01, 2014
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Eighteen-year-old Jason Brand is set on vengeance after the death of his parents at the hands of Comanche raiders. His sister is captured and murdered and when Brand is caught he escapes, taking his revenge on the Indian responsible. Soon Brand is caught up in a world of violence as he searches for the white men who betrayed his family. What happens next moulds him into the man who now wears the badge of the Justice Department.

Published September 01, 2013
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Jason Brand was summoned to Frank McCord's office, where he was given his latest assignment. He was to protect Lord Richard Debenham, the part owner of a large British company involved in a joint American/British venture. McCord had reason to believe someone wanted Debenham dead ... and was willing to pay big money to get the job done. So Brand was to stay close to Debenham without letting him know his life was in jeopardy. It sounded simple but he knew it wasn't going to be any such thing. And before the end of it he was proved pretty damn right.

Published February 01, 2013
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86

    3: LOBO

Jason Brand really had his work cut out for him when he was sent to track down a kill-crazy renegade half-breed called Lobo, who was riding roughshod over the territory. Part white and part Apache, Lobo didn't belong to either society and had a grudge against the world. But his merciless one­man war was causing so much trouble that he was wanted not only by the whites but also the Apaches. That said, Brand realized the only way he was going to stop Lobo dead in his tracks was by enlisting a little help. So he went straight to the top, in the shape of the Apache leader Nante.

Published November 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


When Ben Wyatt and his gang held up the bank in Adobe, Arizona, Wyatt was captured before they could make good their escape. Sheriff Willard Beal and a deputy had been gunned down in the raid and the only man left to guard the brutal bank robber was the one remaining deputy, young Rick Lander. Judge Rice was soon summoned and he in turned asked Jason Brand, an ex-US Marshal, to take up the silver star. With Wyatt locked in the cells and his men close by, Brand was the only man who could get Adobe out of real trouble ...

Published November 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


A fast­moving tale of the Old West, introducing Jason Brand, the toughest of all guns for hire ...
Ex-army scout Jason Brand was lured by a wad of banknotes to find the kidnapped daughter of Morgan Dorsey, one of the legendary names in New Mexico. Katherine had vanished from home, leaving no tracks, and there was no indication as to who had been involved – just a ransom note demanding half a million dollars for her release. Brand started out by asking questions in town, and then followed a strong hunch but many bullets were to fly before he found Katherine.

Published July 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86

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