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John Cutler was famous for tracking down anything or anyone. So when Iris Shannon, the beautiful saloon keeper, asked him to kill a rogue grizzly in Yellowstone, he couldn't refuse. But he had his work cut out for him. Not only was there a wild grizzly to deal with but poachers were in Yellowstone and Cutler had to put an end to them. Man or beast, Cutler had trouble ahead!

Published June 01, 2015
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    5: MUSTANG

Ben Harmon and his fellow ranchers were worried. A wild stallion was running off with all their horses and every attempt to capture it failed. They knew they were left with only one alternative – to call in John Cutler. But as soon as Cutler saw the stallion, he knew this was no ordinary assignment. Its name was Mesteño, and it was like no animal Cutler had ever stalked before.

Published January 01, 2015
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John Cutler followed a newspaper lead to Langtry, Texas, where his rogue grizzly was rumored to be, but instead he found a broken-down frontier circus. During the tiger act, the beast suddenly sprang at the audience, and Cutler leaped from the stands and forced the tiger back into its cage. Instead of praise for his brave act, he got nothing but anger from the animal trainer, Erik Hansen. The following night, the tiger escaped and killed six sheep belonging to Judge Roy Bean, who deputized Cutler but told him to stay behind and keep an eye on the circus people while Hansen searched for the tiger. Cutler smelled something fishy between Bean and Hansen, and before it all ended, Cutler found himself facing the tiger ... and a charge of murder!

Published July 01, 2014
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    3: EAGLE MAN

It didn't add up. Settlers were being murdered for no apparent reason. A beautiful Indian girl had been raped and killed. The people of Guthrie were frightened and they needed help. That's why they called for John Cutler. Cutler was a trapper who could follow the trail of man or beast and had a reputation for being one tough hombre. This time, though, things were different. Cutler was pitted against an enemy who was his equal in strength and cunning. It was to be a battle to the death, and it was anyone's guess which one would survive.

Published April 01, 2014
Recommended Price: $0.99/ £0.99

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John Cutler stood, at full height, something better than six feet, with broad, sloping shoulders and a barrel-chest tapering to lean waist and slim hips. The shaggy hair spilling beneath the dusty, flat-crowned sombrero was the color of a raven's wing, and, though he was only in his early thirties, it was already faintly threaded with gray. His brows were great black marks above deepset eyes the color of gunmetal, the planes of his big-nosed face rough and angular, his skin burnt to the color of rawhide by a life in the sun. He wore a filthy blue work shirt, a calfskin vest, jeans, fringed shotgun chaps, and flat-heeled boots made for walking as much as for riding. A holstered .44 Colt with a strap to hold it in its scabbard for rough riding swung from a cartridge belt around his waist, and on his other hip was a Case sheath knife.

  The series was originally written by JOHN BENTEEN. Click here.