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DRIFTER by Jake Henry

Jake Henry explains how he come up with the "Drifter".

"I guess there were a number of reasons. I always liked George G Gilman's 'Edge' series. Edge was a hard man in a turbulent time. A product of the Civil War and I think I wanted to portray Savage like that.

"He has been intrinsically affected by the Civil War and turned into a man of violence. The future he foresaw after the war eluded him and the life he'd hoped to escape hounded him. Due to circumstance, he wasn't allowed the peace he desired.

"I also wanted to write a book/series that was set in the period after the civil war. My previous books have all been set around 1880-85 and I wanted this one to be earlier when the west was still fairly young and untamed.

"And finally, I wanted a series in the style of books like 'Edge', 'Breed', 'Cuchillo Oro', 'Jubal Cade', and others.

"I'll admit that I'm aiming high and I guess the only ones who will be able to judge whether I've been successful or not will be the readers themselves.

"The first book, Savage, is really background to the man himself. It tells how and why he's come to be the man he is.

"From there, it is just one town and one adventure at a time. It is why he's the 'Drifter'. A man with a haunted past who blames himself for what happened to his wife

"No matter how far he rides, regret and death are his constant companions."

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Published November 01, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.51

Savage would rain hell down on a crazed man with a sickness that only a bullet would cure! He was no sooner back on the trail when he was forced to kill three redneck hillbillies who'd bitten off more than they could chew.

It was just the beginning, for Cochise had a mission for him and lives depended upon it. Years before had seen the cold-blooded murder of one of the Apache people's most revered chiefs. Mangas Coloradas. Those responsible had desecrated the body and took the chief's head.

Now the Apaches want it back and if Savage doesn't do as they ask, they will kill their prisoners. The trail leads him to Fort McLane, which has been reopened and is garrisoned by militia under the command of Brigadier General John Walker; one of the most sadistic sonsofbitches that the Drifter has ever come across.

Walker is a collector unlike any he's ever seen. He collects heads, and just maybe, he has what Savage is looking for.

Published May 10, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.51

The badge was a target on his chest...

They warned Savage not to take the short cut through Dead Man's Gulch. Too many Apaches, they said. But Savage wanted to get to Albuquerque and that was the quickest route. The warning, however, failed to mention anything about Craig and Bobby Vandal. Father and son. One a cold killer. The other, prepared to do anything for his boy.

When Savage arrived in the Gulch, the local sheriff had Bobby locked up on a murder charge. Craig Vandal swore his son would never hang, and before long, a deputy's badge had been pinned to Savage's chest and he held a smoking hot Winchester in his hands. From there, the trail of dead was bound to lead to Savage.

One thing was certain, for many years to come, the citizens of Dead Man's Gulch would remember the man called DRIFTER!

Published February 15, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.41

Forced into taking a job he didn't want, Jack Savage rode into a desert swarming with hostile Yavapai Indians. His mission– to find a psychotic, half-breed killer named Rios. Then Fate stepped in and dealt him a whole new hand. Savage was taken captive a small band of rebels, for whom the Civil War has never ended. Although their leader, the legendary General Jo Shelby, now wants to return to Missouri, some under his command would rather see him dead than betray their cause. Just maybe Savage can get Shelby home in one piece.

Before that can happen, however, the desert is wrenched apart by the explosive fury of the Yavapais, who are out for bloody revenge, and Savage realises he'll need all of his skill if he's not to let his bones, alongside those of the general, end up bleaching beneath a merciless sun!

Published December 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.41

In 1864, Captain Jeff Savage was tasked to find Carver's Raiders, a ruthless bunch of killers who blasted a bloody path through the Shenandoah Valley. The mission was a failure and Carver escaped with a handful of men.

Two years later John Carver has raised his head once more when he and his gang of killers robbed a bank in Summerton, Texas, and a bloodbath ensued. During the violent exchange, a young woman is taken captive—Savage's wife, Amy.

When Savage discovered her ravaged body, it set a bloody chain of events in motion.

Eight outlaws escaped the battle in Summerton, and now, armed with the names of those eight, Savage was going to finish what he started. He was going to track each man down and kill him … slowly.

The only question was: would Savage live long enough to finish what he'd started? …

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