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For over 30 years Robert Randisi has been writing The Gunsmith series as "J.R. Roberts," for The Berkley Publishing Group. It began in January of 1982, during a time when "Adult" westerns flooded the market, and has been appearing monthly since then. What's an Adult Western? It's a western novel with sex in it. That's right, the cowboy has sex with women. A new idea? Probably not, but heretofore this had not been seen in western novels (certainly not by Max Brand, Zane Grey, Owen Wister or Louis L'Amour). What these books actually showed was that men and women really did have sex in the old west. Read RJR's article about this subject.
Berkley Publishing Group ceased publication of The Gunsmith at #399 and Piccadilly Publishing picked up the series from #400 onwards. And will continue to publish one title per month to maintain the continuity. Tony Masero, who created the covers for PP's versions of the Giant Gunsmith books, released as Clint Adams, The Gunsmith, continues the tradition of adult covers for the series.

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Published September 27, 2017

Clint Adams was summoned to Washington D.C. by his old friend Jim West but when he arrived, Jim was off on another top secret mission. But another Secret Service Agent, Jeremy Pike, asks Clint for his help. Within the next few days the Washington Monument is going to be dedicated, but someone is threatening to block the ceremony, and perhaps even destroy the monument itself. The Secret Service needs an outsider, someone relatively unknown to the Washington community, to track down the culprits.
Deciding to do his bit for democracy, Clint begins to investigate the case with the help of a lady lawyer with more than briefs on her mind. As the promised act of terrorism draws closer Clint finds himself racing against time ... and trying to stay alive long enough to bring the bad guys to book.

Published August 27, 2017

When Will Perry was killed by the notorious Clell Kingston gang, the outlaws had no idea that Perry was a friend of Clint Adams …or that the Gunsmith would come after them, fixing to arrest them and make sure they stood trial for the murder. In any case, Kingston and his men were safe enough, weren't they? They were holed up in a place called Exile.
Exile was a myth, a legend, not a town exactly, but a place that rivaled The Hole-in-the-Wall and Robber's Roost as a hideout for outlaws to spend the winter. Which left Clint with a problem. How was he going to get close to Exile without getting his head blown off? As far as Clint can see, there was only one answer … and that was to pose as an outlaw himself.
With the help of a sexy journalist who also wanted to see justice done, the Gunsmith set his trap. And he caught Annie Bolt, a female outlaw who also hid out in Exile. Annie was a black-haired beauty who would handle any man as easily with her undoubted charms as with her swift-as-lightning gun. But when Clint's cover gets blown, there's a very real chance he might join Will Perry six feet under.

Published July 27, 2017

The last thing Clint Adams expected was to be captured by a bounty hunter ... especially a sexy lady one! But no one could hold Clint for long, especially when he set his mind on escape. Still, not all was as it seemed. The beautiful Becca wanted the prestige and money that went along with capturing Clint. But Clint wanted something, as well—to use her to get closer to a ruthless gang of kidnappers who also worked as bounty hunters. What followed was a game of cross and double-cross as each fought to get what they were after. The trail they followed was one of intrigue, passion and gun-swift violence. But how could they hope to get their hands on their prey when they could barely keep their hands off each other?

Published June 27, 2017

Clint Adams was crossing the Mohave Desert when he came across a woman stumbling along on foot. From a distance she looked like an Indian squaw. Up close, she turned out to be a white gal. And that wasn't all. She wore a cruel brand on his lower face! Clint recognized the mark immediately. Indians often branded the women they stole in such a manner. It appeared that this particular filly had escaped her captors, but she couldn't remember doing so—she had amnesia! In any case, there was no time to get her life story right then. The Mohave Indians wanted their captive back, and they were more than happy to lift hair to do it! From then on it became a race to cross the desert to safety ... and if they reached it, Clint vowed to solve the mystery of just who the branded woman really was ...

Published May 27, 2017

The Gunsmith was taking part in a high-stakes poker tournament in Tucson, Arizona, when a rancher named Luke Harper asked for his help. It seemed they were having Indian trouble around the town of Crucifix, and Harper wanted it stopped dead in its tracks.
But a surprise—one of many—awaited Clint when he arrived. All the positions of power in Crucifix were taken by women, the most notable being Eliza Jones, who was a very sexy sheriff indeed. Curious as to how this situation came about, and enjoying the company of so many gorgeous girls, Clint sticks around and tries to find out. But when it finally comes to a shooting showdown with Comanches, Apaches and a bunch of blood-hungry Comancheros, it doesn't matter a damn' about their gender— just as long as they can handle a gun!

Published April 27, 2017

Clint Adams finds a naked woman hanging from a tree, the apparent victim of a lynching. His decision to cut her down and take her to the nearest town, Winslow, Arizona, puts him at odds with a religious cult leader who had taken over the town, closed down al the saloons and whorehouses, who enforces his rules with a team of armed disciples. At the risk of his own life, Clint vows to free the town from the man's grip, and prove that he condoned the lynching of an innocent woman.

Published March 27, 2017

The legend in question was a friend from The Gunsmith's youth, the one and only Kit Carson.
But Carson, the celebrated frontiersman, wilderness guide and Indian Agent, had died years ago—so who was the lawman from Taos who looked so much like him, and whose life Clint saved when the lead started flying?
Turned out it was Kit's son, Christopher Charles Carson. Charles, as he preferred to be known, was trailing a half-dozen killers when Clint rode into his life. The gang was led by an outlaw named Ed Garrison, and were known as Garrison's Gorillas. They'd robbed the Taos bank and left a dead man in their wake. But when Sheriff Carson went after them, no one in town would join his posse.
Although he wanted to ride clear of trouble, Clint Adams couldn’t let the young man hunt down such a dangerous quarry alone. So he decided to buy in, and even the odds a little!

Published February 01, 2017

Clint Adams and Kate Avery hit it off from the start. She was all woman, with a particularly lusty appetite for The Gunsmith.
Then Kate was shot dead right before Clint's eyes, and he vowed to scour the town of Hancock, Arizona, until he found her killer and discovered why someone, somewhere, wanted her dead.
On the surface, Kate had appeared been a simple businesswoman who ran a hat shop. But as Clint dug deeper he found that a far dirtier business—and even dirtier sex—might be at the bottom of the murder. With the aid of a beautiful saloon owner and a dedicated lawman, Clint set out to nail the killer before he could strike again.

Published January 01, 2017

In Boulder, Colorado, Clint Adams ran into his old friend Martha 'Calamity Jane' Canary. Now in her late thirties, Jane was married and running a boarding house. But staying on as one of Jane's guests brought back memories Deadwood, South Dakota in 1876, when their friend Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back and killed. It seemed that the past wouldn't stay buried, and just to prove it, violent death suddenly reared its ugly head all over again. The Boulder Police Department asked Clint to help solve the murder, but he had his hands full just dealing with a gunfighter who was determined to meet him through gunsmoke. Still, when Clint wasn't bedding the ladies—including Calamity Jane herself—he set out to find Boulder's mysterious killer … and the answer he came up with surprised even The Gunsmith himself.

Published December 01, 2016

It started in a deserted town called Corazon … but the chance meeting with the three Perkins sisters, Loretta, Belinda and Teresa, ended up causing big problems for Clint Adams. The sisters planned to use Clint like a stud, and were prepared to go to any lengths to stop him escaping … not that he had any intention of quitting their widows' web—at first.
But there was something about Corazon that intrigued him. He wanted to find out just why it had been abandoned, seemingly overnight. And he was sure Lorreta, Belinda and Teresa could give him the answers he sought. The Perkins girls were wanton predatory and ruthless. And the secret of Corazon wasn't the only one they were keeping to themselves …

Published November 01, 2016

It all started when Clint Adams came to the rescue of a damsel in distress. And when the danger had passed, he discovered that the delectable Katelyn Tanner had the sexiest way of persuading him to go work for her uncle, an amateur chemist who claimed to have invented a compound that could stop food from spoiling.
Doctor Edward Laury wanted Clint to help him get his secret shipment to its destination, where he planned to sell it to the highest bidder. But that wasn't all. He also wanted the Gunsmith to make sure the potential buyers intended to use it wisely. On the surface it seemed like a pretty straightforward job—but it turned out to be anything but. Clint had to get the wagon through some rough country and hold it against the robbers who were set on taking it for themselves. And when he finally discovered the true nature of the cargo, he found himself in a most unusual position—stealing the very wagon he'd just got through protecting!

Published October 01, 2016

Clint Adams figured it was high time he visited New York City again. His plan was simply to enjoy the sights, entertainment and cuisine. But an interest in art, coupled with Nadine Jensen, the lovely red haired owner of an art gallery, soon landed him in trouble.
The rich and powerful Emory Bates wanted to take over the gallery—but Nadine wasn't in the mood to sell. So Clint came to her rescue, and in the process made some sexy new friends, some of his deadliest enemies!…and had to do his best to keep from getting killed!

Published September 01, 2016

Riverboat Captain Henry Morgan was in trouble. Business was bad aboard his sternwheeler, the Natchez Queen, so he hit upon a plan to increase the number of passengers by putting the word out that the famous Gunsmith, Clint Adams, would be travelling up and down the Mississippi, playing poker against all comers. But Morgan wasn't telling Clint the whole story. Someone was out to finish him for good, and he had no idea why. All he knew was that one attempt after another had been made to sabotage the Natchez Queen.
Between playing cards and satisfying the ladies—the beautiful Charlotte Chandler and the enigmatic Adelaide Berkley—Clint decided to find out. But there was to be death a'plenty before the final gunsmoke showdown …

Published Aug 01, 2016

They said that the mysterious treasure known as El Gato de Oro lay within the Tomb of Joaquin. When Julia Keylar gathered together an expedition she already had a guide but she needed the Gunsmith for his scouting skills—amongst other attributes. As a scholar, Julia wanted the treasure for its historical significance but others also seek it for its commercial value or its mystic powers. There was no man more accomplished and skilled a gunman than Clint Adams. As the group pushed further into Indian country, they clashed with a local tribe out to protect their land against the intruders. New Mexico soon turned into a killing ground as both sides clashed violently. That was just one barrier thrown up against the explorers, to achieve their goal they had more to embrace!

Published July 01, 2016

The death of the legendary Doc Holliday brought Clint Adams to an impromptu wake following the funeral in Colton, California. The mourners in attendance would have made any outlaw shake in their boots: Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Bat Masterson, Luke Short, “Turkey Creek” Jack Johnson and Sherman McMaster. After the funeral everyone left town, but Clint stayed to help Virgil—who was the Marshal of Colton—with a problem involving a group of cowboys. When Clint asked if there was going to be another O.K. Corral, Virgil said no, and assured him that the two of them could handle it. He shouldn't have said that, because he didn't know what kind of trouble was heading their way. If the The Gunsmith and the lawman didn't resolve matters, they weren't going to have much of a future …

Published June 01, 2016

Tom Allen was bidding for the job of cutting down a vast tract of lumber up in Oregon. But whoever won the contract had to win a lumberjack contest first! The competition included ax-throwing, pole-climbing, speed-climbing and log-rolling, so it was going to be quite a contest. But whoever won stood to earn himself a small fortune, so competition was stiff ... in more ways than one. Allen invited Clint Adams up to the aptly named Beaver State to cheer him on. As soon as he arrived, Clint met Sally Hayfield, a busty blonde who was set to compete against the men. But even as the contest got underway, a "gandy-dancer"—that was, a pick and shovel man usually associated with the railroads - was murdered. With Tom and Sally both in the frame for the killing, Clint has to turn detective to bring the real killer to justice. But that brings with it its own dangers ...

Published May 01, 2016

Clint makes his way into a New Mexico town that is supposedly cursed by a demonic spirit or some angry ghost that is possessing people and turning them into murderers. Clint is skeptical, but eventually witnesses some folks who become unhinged and hurt others or themselves. He investigates and after digging through some superstitious and spiritual stuff, finds that the people effected by the curse have all spent time in some of the caves in the nearby mountains, either as miners, explorers, or lovers looking for some alone time. As he gets to the bottom of it, Clint is attacked by someone who'd used the curse as a way to cover up murdering her husband. That was one of the deaths that didn't fit the pattern and finally Clint uncovers what's really going on.

Published April 01, 2016

Fifty dollars was all it took to get a man killed. That's how much professional gambler Frank Grimes took from Ben Bridges when he and Clint Adams turned the tables in a crooked poker game. Bridges, who ran the small town of Departure in South Dakota, sent his men to kill Grimes and his woman Mia. It wasn't the money—it was the principle. As far as Adams was concerned all he wanted was some peace and quiet locked away in a cabin in the hills, just keeping out of trouble. But trouble was never far behind the Gunsmith and when he finds Mia half-dead, having escaped being gun-downed like Grimes, he knew they'd be coming for them next. But they didn't know how deadly the Gunsmith was and how ever many guns—they just weren't enough to kill the Gunsmith.

Published March 01, 2016

Grizzly bears can and will eat just about anything; humans are on that menu, too. When two cowboys are included as one of the courses, their boss and rancher Jack Slade calls for the grizzly to be hunted down and slaughtered. The job is offered to Clint Adams—he's hunted bears before—but turns it down in favor of helping Charlotte, a comely-looking conservationist who is out to protect the grizzly.
Soon the Gunsmith has Matt Kraven and his gang of hunters tracking both him and the rogue bear, and Kraven isn't bothered who he kills first. The question is: can the fabled Gunsmith get himself and Charlotte out of the Big Horn Forest alive?

Published Ferbruary 01, 2016

Clint Adams was familiar with the cut throat business that was gold mining. When a silent assassin begins killing miners in a Colorado boom town so that his employer can pick up their holdings cheap, Clint finds himself protecting a man and his daughter from the same fate. The Gunsmith decides to find out who the assassin is, and who's he working for, while also keeping himself off the list of victims.

Published January 01, 2016

Had the bounty hunter's aim been better, he would become famous as the man who killed the Gunsmith! Being shot in the back and killed by an unknown killer was Clint Adam's worst nightmare. Only Eclipse's reactions stop a second attempt and Adams escapes with his life. His luck holds out when he is found and nursed back to life by Livvy, a sexy widow. But his luck doesn't last that long as the bounty hunter finds out where he is hiding and wants a second try. Livvy is killed by the bounty hunter - saving Clint's life again. After her burial, Clint only has one thing on his mind. The hunter becomes the hunted as the Gunsmith plays fast and loose with the rules to see the man dead.


Published December 01, 2015

Clint Adams' peaceful ride on the beach at Monterey Bay is unexpectedly cut short. The Gunsmith's arrival prevents a young girl being attacked by three men. Ensuring the girl's safety he heads for the town of Pacific Grove—straight into the arms and bed of the beautiful boarding house owner! It's not long before Emma Fisher, the lighthouse keeper of Point Pinos, wants his affections, too. All too soon the Gunsmith is called into action to prevent robbers stealing the "gold of Point Pinos". Secrecy, seduction and action: all these elements build up to another exciting Gunsmith western.

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Published November 01, 2015

Clint Dodge City – once a notorious cattle boomtown whose inhabitants included Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Clint Adams – now lives in the shadow of its heyday. The Gunsmith returns to his old haunt after being summoned by a lawyer. To his utter surprise, Clint is told he has been left a large inheritance from an old love. But what would Clint do with a saloon, an apothecary, a hardware store and a ranch? Duplicity is the name of the game when others are out to stop him discovering the truth behind how the ranch is really being run. The Gunsmith might be quick on the draw but he needs to be just as quick-thinking to survive.


Published October 01, 2015
    406: THE PUT UP JOB

Clint Adams was just marking time is Festus, Wyoming when he had a run-in with the biggest rancher in the county. Vance Restin had no respect for anyone, but when he realized that Clint was the Gunsmith, he tried to hire him for a special job—escorting the rancher's daughter to Sacramento. When Clint turned him down—no matter how much money the rancher offered—he found himself forced into a situation where he had to take the job or suffer the consequences. And when the job turned out to be a whole lot more than it was made out to be, Clint found his life in mortal danger!


Published September 01, 2015
    405: BLOOD COAST

Clint Adams has lived his life by the gun, earning him the legend: The Gunsmith. He is headed to San Francisco when he crosses path with a shipping magnate's daughter, whose life is being threatened by kidnappers. She promises Clint that her wealthy father will pay him well. And she also has her own ways of showing him gratitude. How can Clint turn down such an offer? As a result, he finds himself going up against the gang of kidnappers who are not shy about killing whoever gets in their way—and that includes The Gunsmith!


Published August 01, 2015

The Clint Adams is killing time playing penny ante poker in Bellshade, Arizona when the circus comes to town. He learns from the local lawman that a young woman had been murdered in town, her throat cut—and that she is the sixth in a string of murders across the West. And, oddly, the murders are happening in towns where the circus performed. Because the sheriff can only operate in his own jurisdiction he asks Adams to become involved. The Gunsmith is reluctant, but in the end, in order to try to keep any other women from being killed, he shoulders the responsibility to stop the killer—and the only way to do that is to join the circus.


Published July 01, 2015


When a beautiful lady doctor asked Clint Adams to help her keep her grandfather lawman from getting killed, he could hardly refuse. That's how he came to find himself impersonating an outlaw to infiltrate a gang and prove to the old lawman that he was past his prime. But while he's trying to keep the man from being killed, he finds himself on the end of a lot of guns—a place the Gunsmith unfortunately finds very familiar.


Published June 01, 2015

The town of Casa Grande was meant to be just a stop-over for Clint Adams - to get his boot repaired and his horse re-shoed. Of course, nothing goes that easy for The Gunsmith. Soon he is involved with two sets of brothers. One set kidnaps him and tries to sell him to the other side to cancel a crippling gambling debt. But the Tanner brothers are just kids trying to make a better life for themselves and their sister; while the Colter brothers are a murderous gang. In the end, with the aide of two lovely ladies, Clint ends up helping the Tanners, while he himself must avoid being gunned down by the deadly Colter Gang.


Published May 01, 2015

When his Darley Arabian horse, Eclipse, was stolen, Clint Adams saw red. In pursuit of the thieves he soon found himself up to his neck in even bigger trouble. A bunch of mad revolutionaries were set on wrenching New Mexico away from United States. The Gunsmith and bounty hunter Jarred Hall, were the only men who could stop them. Soon stark crimson of spilled blood stained the ground.


Published April 01, 2015


When Abraham Lincoln's body is stolen from his Tomb and held for ransom by men who can't admit that the South lost the Civil War, who else would the Government ask to pay the ransom and recover the body but The Gunsmith? Facing a small army led by a former Confederate Colonel and his sexy wife, Clint Adams turns to the only person he can to watch his back, his friend, private detective Talbot Roper. Together they fight to recover Lincoln's body and prove that the South is truly dead.


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