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A brand new series set in the Sooner State by best-selling author.

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Published August 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.23

Ben Cullen is on the run. It isn't the first time he's led the law on a wild and violent chase, but this time might be the last. He's one of the surviving old guard of outlaws forced onto the Indian Territory by the growing forces of law and order in the newly settled West. With the civilized world closing in, Ben Cullen has to sharpen his wits and survival instincts and hone his skill with Mister Colt's .45 caliber creation if he wants to avoid the consequences of a violent past.
The lawmen on his dusty back trail don't harbor any affection for Ben, but they respect him as a man and admire his courage and tenacity. He'd tried to do what society considered right, but circumstances and bad luck put him on the Owlhoot Trail and he's been riding it hard ever since. He's an American of his time who played the cards that were dealt him and rarely, if ever, bluffed out a hand—Hell, he never had to!

Published May 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.23

Dace Halston faced the hardest decision of his life: Honor friendships formed during his ranching days in the Oklahoma Territory or stay true to the code of the lawman he had sworn to uphold when they pinned the tin star to his vest. Dace chose the latter—and was willing to use both his Colt .45 and Winchester .44 to back his choice.
But Dace's best friend, married to the only woman he'd ever loved, had taken up with the owlhoot trail when the Territory was opened up for settlement. As full of fight as an untamed mustang, George McClary waged a self-declared war on the newcomers from the East who were turning the lush open rangeland into a checkerboard of fenced off squares. Dace knew their meeting was inevitable, a meeting of good friends who'd ended up on different sides of the law—a meeting across gun sights that was sure to be one blazing hellfire of an Oklahoma showdown.


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