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LeRoy U.S. Marshal by Neil Hunter

Welcome to a brand new western series from the pen of bestselling writer, Neil Hunter. If you've read Brand, Bodie or any of his stand alone westerns, then you know you are in for a treat.

U.S. Marshal Alvin LeRoy travels the Old West, dispensing justice - frontier style. Hunter's fictional world will entertain you – and that's a guarantee!

So what is the series about? Let the author explain:

U.S. Marshal Alvin Leroy saw the light of day as a character in JACOB'S ROAD, the second book in the Tyler brothers chronicles. He was a pivotal character, pursuing Jacob who had been mistakenly cast as a killer. After Jacob finally exposed the real killer, with LeRoy still on his case, the U.S. Marshal was the first to admit his mistake and put things right.

LeRoy might have ceased to exist if, years later, he set off my imagination when I was working on another book, and as these thing occur I thought the taciturn, dedicated lawmen deserved a revival.

He made a brief guest appearance in BODIE 9: TO RIDE THE SAVAGE HILLS and a significantly larger role in BODIE 10: ACROSS THE HIGH DIVIDE.

Now LeRoy has his own series, with LeROY: U.S. MARSHAL book 1 and the second book LeRoy THE SAVAGE BREED due out in days. Book 3 LeRoy: THE THUNDER OF GUNS coming in the near future ensures Alvin LeRoy has a busy time ahead.

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Published May 22, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55
    1: LeROY, U.S. MARSHAL

No matter the odds, U.S. Marshal Alvin LeRoy always completed his assignments. That's why they sent him after the Reno bunch. LeRoy was single-minded once he was on the trail. He wouldn't back down and had a fearsome reputation for always finishing what he started.

His pursuit took him across southwest Texas, where he faced up to bushwhackers and the aftermath of a massacre as he relentlessly tracked down and dealt with the baddest bunch he had come across in quite a while.

Following a trail of deception and danger, he eventually ended up in New York. Here he faced the menacing top man of the crime syndicate who was behind the whole affair, and didn't stop until there wasn't a man left standing.

Published March 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.28

Latimer was a tough Texas town. But things got a whole heap tougher when Ralph Elphick decided he wanted the oil discovered on range owned by Callum Bascombe and his wife Abby. Elphick's first move was to have Callum Bascombe 'vanish'. He figured Abby would be only too willing to sign over the land after that.

But Abby was tougher than she looked - resourceful, too. Accepting that her husband was most likely dead, she penned a letter to the US Marshal's office, asking for help in solving her problem. That's where US Marshal Alvin LeRoy came into it.

LeRoy slipped quietly into town, playing an undercover role while he checked out the lay of the land. But things didn't go according to plan. He took a beating that laid him up and did nothing to make him feel any more kindly toward the bad guys.

Stubborn as hell, LeRoy just kept coming, until Elphick's hired guns took a hand. Bullets flew and bodies piled up, but there was just no stopping him. By the time he was through, Latimer knew the fury of one man's fight for justice ... US Marshal Alvin LeRoy's kind of justice.

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