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Brett Waring is the pseudonym for Keith Hetherington, Many of you know him under as the author of the immensely popular MADIGAN series, written as Hank J. Kirby and Bannerman the Enforcer written as Kirk Hamilton. As "Brett Waring" he was one of the most popular writers in the Cleveland Publishing stable.
Piccadilly Publishing is proud to bring back the Clay Nash series in digital form, along with the original cover artwork and adapted for our house style. They are twenty-five books in the series and we intend to bring them out on a bi-monthly basis. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

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Published February 01, 2018


Wells Fargo troubleshooter Clay Nash was on his way to solve one crime when he became embroiled in another. Someone knocked over the Wells Fargo office and stole a cool ten thousand dollars in hard cash. By a strange coincidence, the trail seemed to point to Nitro Mantell, the outlaw Clay had been planning to go after for the Squirrel Creek bank robbery. But somehow the pieces just didn't seem to fit. How could Nitro have been in both places at once? Who slipped Clay a Mickey Finn and who strangled the saloon girl who could have supplied all the answers?

Clay was determined to unravel the mystery any way he could. But he quickly found himself hampered by an unwanted companion - the beautiful Liz Garrett, who was after the contents of the Red Rapids heist for her own very personal reasons

Published December 01, 2016

Clay Nash and his neighbor Cash Matthews were never going to be friends.

Matthews was a big, powerful rancher who always wanted more. Clay was just a homesteader, content with his lot. But when Matthews went after Clay's land—and fenced off the water Clay's cattle needed in order to survive—Clay had no choice but to declare war. It was a foolish gesture that could only end one way, and it did—with Matthews sentencing Clay to a long, lingering death on the high desert. But somehow Clay survived, and when he came back for revenge, he was a new man, a harder man, a man who showed no mercy to his enemies.

Clay Nash was Wells Fargo's secret weapon … an undercover gun.

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Published February 01, 2017

The yellow-haired bandit was as cold as ice water.

To prove it, he shot his partners down in cold blood after the stage robbery was over. Worse than that, in the eyes of Wells Fargo detective Clay Nash, he shot and came close to killing or crippling Nash's friend, Roarin' Dick Magee. Clay wanted to catch the outlaw before he killed again, but the trail ahead of him had more twists and turns than an angry snake. Even when he finally brought the killer to justice, he was by no means sure he'd caught the right man …

It was Clay's toughest assignment yet, and one he was by no means sure he'd survive.

Published April 01, 2017

Folks looked upon Clint Christian as a kind of Robin Hood.

The kind of outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. They couldn't have been more wrong. Christian was a cold-hearted killer who was sacrifice anything–and anyone–to get what he wanted.

When he pulled off a seemingly impossibly robbery and left a pile of bodies behind him, Wells Fargo detective Clay Nash figured to be the one who brought Christian to book. One of the victims had been a friend of Clay's, and that made it personal.

But Clay's boss, Jim Hume, wanted Christian brought in alive, to hang for his crimes. And to guarantee just that, he partnered Clay with Dakota Haines, a shotgun-wielding range detective who was willing to play even dirtier than the man they were out to catch.

Published June 01, 2017

Clay Nash went undercover with orders to infiltrate the gang of a cold-blooded outlaw named Zach Forrester. To do that, he assumed the identity of a dead man. But from the very start, nothing about his mission went right. To begin with, Clay's trail crossed that of an enemy from his past who was still itching to get revenge for an old score. Then he wound up behind bars, mistaken for the outlaw he was pretending to be. And then Zach Forrester broke him out of jail, figuring he was an old friend from Yuma Pen. That was enough to tip the balance altogether … against Wells Fargo's toughest troubleshooter!

Published August 01, 2017

When Wells Fargo decided to run a stage route between Deadwood and Shiloh, no one could have predicted the bloodbath that would follow. Company men were beaten, shot and often killed. Passengers were harassed and on at least one occasion, a woman was raped by masked assailants. All kinds of sabotage went on and the damage ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Clearly, someone out there didn't want Wells Fargo using that route–but who? And why?

To find out, Jim Hume sent out his top detective, Clay Nash, and soon, Clay found himself wreathed in gunsmoke. It promised to be his toughest case yet … but even Clay didn't dream that he'd be fighting a whole army in the final, violent climax!

Published October 01, 2017

It started out as a drunken prank … but when one man died and his fellow passengers aboard the Tucson-Tombstone stage were involved in a devastating crash, it was no laughing matter. Wells Fargo's top troubleshooter, Clay Nash, was dispatched to find the cowboys responsible, and uncovered a criminal enterprise that might otherwise have gone undetected.

Those drunken pranksters were actually tough as nails and handy with their guns, and they were ready to fight him all the way to avoid paying for their crime.

But Clay had an ally as he rode the slaughter trail … a beautiful Mexican girl who wouldn't stop until she had her revenge on the men who'd killed her father!

Published December 01, 2017

When Clay Nash rode into Socorro he found a town in fear. The local lawman had been shot dead and two rival trail crews, each one just about as tough as tacks, were coming in to paint the town red. To make matters worse, a proddy gunfighter named Considine was around, and because he was known to get mean when drunk, he might just be the flame that touched off an already explosive situation.

A wise man would have taken the next stage out of Socorro, but not Clay Nash. Instead, he pinned on the star and told all the troublemakers they had till sundown to leave town. Clay felt an obligation to Socorro, see … because he was the one who'd killed their marshal to begin with!

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