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Joe Slade is the pseudonym for Joanne Walpole. Part-time market research interviewer by necessity. Part-time author by choice. Mostly she writes westerns, although she have written a few contemporary short stories. To date she has had six books published (under the name of Terry James). The Maggie O'Bannen series is new and exclusive to Piccadilly Publishing.

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Published November 15, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.55

Kidnapped at the age of sixteen, Maggie has survived the fickle temper of notorious outlaw Mad Dog Frank O'Bannen for seven years. Now he is dead and she is about to find out that there are worse ways to live and die than as the wife of a wanted man.

Frank had prepared her as best he could for what would follow and when she leaves her prison in the hills she has the blood of three men on her hands and knows the feel of hot lead. Soon her hard-won freedom is in doubt and she finds herself pursued by Frank's old partner, a man with a vicious reputation and more than one score to settle.

Maggie has Frank's gun, her keen wits and new friends to help her, but will they be enough to save her from the brutality of a maniac bent on revenge?

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