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Brent Towns

Brent explains, "My passion for all things western started at a young age when the first movie I saw was How The West Was Won. From there it was mostly movies until I was 13 and a close family friend gave me a small bag of western books to read. And as they say, the rest is history.

"I would devour authors such as George G Gilman, Louis' L'Amour, and Marshall Grover. That though was only the tip of the iceberg. Australian authors such as Keith Hetherington and Paul Wheelahan were also on the menu.

"I would consider myself a late starter to the western genre because my first book, Last Stand in Sanctuary wasn't written or published until 2015.

"Since then other titles have come along such as High Valley Manhunt, Fury At Bent Fork, the soon to be published Brolin, and coming from Piccadilly Publishing, the all new, action-packed Drifter series.


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