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Cut to the Quick by Tony Masero

Missouri 1874

It all kicks off with a train robbery that goes horribly wrong. The James-Younger gang is on the rampage and Belle and Kirby are in the midst of it. One thing leads to another and a vengeful Allen Pinkerton, boss of the Pinkerton Agency, is not about to let things slide. He demands an all out offensive on the outlaw and Belle and Kirby call on their old friend Lomas Belle to help out.

Lomas has long-held secrets to tell, but it's difficult to part with them in the midst of a raging gun battle that involves Pinkerton agents and outlaws intent on capturing a big payload.

A prize more worthy than gold is the outcome for Belle. She learns chilling news that buys a ticket on a steamer for her and Kirby. Turns out it's a ticket to hell as they face a deadly battle in wild country where danger lurks everywhere and death comes calling in shiny little packets of lead.

Published September 01, 2013
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