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Clint Adams, the Gunsmith

DEAD WEIGHT by J.R. Roberts

Last ride to Texas

Clint Adams is always the one to help a lady in need, but carrying her dead husband in a pine box? This one takes the cake. Rachel Chandler, the beautiful widow in distress, knows how to use her plentiful assets to work about just any man but the Gunsmith is a hard nut to crack.

She manages to turn his charity into a full-time job as Clint becomes a long-distance pallbearer to fulfill her husband's dying wish -- to be laid to rest in West Texas.

From S.Louis to the burial site, they run into a lot of mysterious people who know more about his journey than he does. It seems as though Rachel has a story to tell but her lips are as tight as the coffin lid.

He's trying to treat it like any other job but is Rachel as helpless as she says?

One thing the Gunsmith must make damn sure of, Texas won't be the end of his line...


Published February 01, 2016
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