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Clint Adams, the Gunsmith

RED MOUNTAIN by J.R. Roberts

Mine for the Taking ...

When things get quiet, Clint Adams doesn't take it easy - he gets stir crazy. That's how he found himself in Ouray, Colorado.

A mysterious, unsigned telegram requesting his help in exchange for $1,000 was enough incentive for him to leave Texas for this muddy mining town. But the moment he steps foot in the place, an unarmed man is shot dead ... and he's got the Gunsmith's name in his pocket.

Clint's unwittingly landed himself in the middle of a town full of rival mining companies, gunslinging miners and their lustful wives - who all want a piece of the Gunsmith, for one reason or another.

Like he stunning Gloria Augustus, the boss's insatiable wife, and reclusive foreman who goes by the name of Frank Howard...but who Clint knows better as Frank James, the late Jesse James' brother.

Things are getting heated with such mixed company, and if the person responsible for the invitation doesn't come forward pretty soo, they party is over ...


Published April 01, 2016
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