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Clint Adams, the Gunsmith

Trouble in Tombstone by J.R. Roberts

Ex-gunfighter Dallas Stoudenmire is now heir to El Paso, the Texas Border town that draws the dregs of the West like flies. In El Paso, being honest is a sure enough way of getting yourself killed. And Dallas is smart enough to know he needs help.

He calls on his good friend Clint Adams, the Gunsmith, to do a little exterminating. But cleaning up El Paso is just the beginning, because the next stop is Tombstone where the Gunsmith teams up with the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday in a showdown against the Wild West's most notorious killers - and the trouble spot called the O.K. Corral.


Published May 01, 2014
Recommended Price:
$3.99 USD
£2.23 GBP


"The book is a very pleasant read, and can be finished off in a single day's reading ... however, there is never anything rushed or done in haste by this author. Everything fits together well and whether the book carries the R. J. Randisi or J. R. Roberts name, the reader can rest assured of getting an enjoyable read." 4 stars from Kay's husband on Amazon.com

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