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Clint Adams, the Gunsmith

Little Sureshot and the Wild West Show by J.R. Roberts

Friends come a-running ....

Frank Butler has a serious problem on his hands - his wife is being stalked by an obsessed sharpshooter hell bent on revenge. A major problem when you are in New York City and your wife in questions is none other than Little Sureshot, Annie Oakley. So who better than Frank's old friend, Clint Adas to come to the resuce?

Trouble is, Frank's not the only one who needs the Gunsmith. Buffalo Bill Cody is in town and he'll do almost anything to get Clint and Annie to join the flagging Wild West Show.

Add in a shaddy Brooklyn detective, a pair of gorgeous vixens hot for the Gunsmith's holster, and Chief Sitting Bull himsel, and you've got a classic Western shoot 'em up - in Manahattan!


Published December 01, 2015
Recommended Price:
$3.99 USD
£2.23 GBP

Reviews - refers to massmarket paperback edition

"If 'J. R. Roberts' has ever written a bad book I've yet to encounter it. This Giant edition (#9) gives the reader excellent entertainment throughout its expanded 282 pages. Another fine read in The Gunsmith series of books." 3 stars from Kay's Husband - on Amazon.com

"Once again, Randisi proves what he does best: writing a great western and adding a detective/mystery twist to the story as well. The dialogue is great, the plot is well thought out, and the action keeps you on the edge of your seat! A MUST for Gunsmith fans!" 5 stars on Amazon.com

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