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Funeral Bend by Peter McCurtin

Lassiter didn't know Wesley Boone. He figured they'd get acquainted when he killed him.

Lassiter took a measly $250 to kill he man he didn't even know. Why? The answer is simple - he needed the money! After the tens of thousands in gold and greenbacks that Lassiter had taken from the banks and stage line, the price might seem penny ante, but Lassiter never fusses when he needs money - and he always does.

Lassiter takes when he can get. Big or small, it doesn't matter much because in the end nothing matters much to Lassiter, except staying alive.

Anyway, he figured it wouldn't be much of a job to ride up the high lonesome country of New Mexico where Boone was supposed to be headed. Lassiter had no way of knowing that local civil war was fixing to break out. But he wouldn't have avoided the trouble if he had know. Because that wouldn't have been Lassiter.

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