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The LASSITER series
Peter McCurtin
Writing as Jack Slade

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When Lassiter broke out of jail with the Irishman Pierce McCain, the next logical step seemed to be joining McCain’s half-breed army in their crazy rebellion. McCain needed guns, and Lassiter agreed to get them—for a price. There would be big money if he succeeded and a swing in a noose if he failed!

Published September 01, 2015


Lassiter rode up from Lordsburg to Abilene with money on his mind. Texas Jack Chandler—the richest, meanest bastard in the Lone Star State-was on the trail, heading north with a huge herd of cattle, and a fortune in gold. All that stood between Lassiter and the biggest haul of all time was Chandler—and the most vicious rag-tag army of killers ever gathered together in one place.

Published May 01, 2015


When Lassiter found the man with two arrows in his back, he picked his pockets and found a gilt-edge invitation to muscle in on some easy money. He left the corpse to bury itself and high-tailed it into a situation that had him fighting for his life from the very beginning. But that was part of Lassiter's business—no matter how many other men died. Now Lassiter's trying to find a hoard of buried silver worth a cool $100,000. The only trouble is, ten other tough hombres have all got the same idea.

Published February 01, 2015


Lassiter didn't know Wesley Boone. He figured they'd get acquainted when he killed him.
Lassiter took a measly $250 to kill he man he didn't even know. Why? The answer is simple—he needed the money! After the tens of thousands in gold and greenbacks that Lassiter had taken from the banks and stage lines, the price might seem penny ante, but Lassiter never fusses when he needs money—and he always does. Lassiter takes when he can get. Big or small, it doesn't matter much because in the end nothing matters much to Lassiter, except staying alive. Anyway, he figured it wouldn't be much of a job to ride up the high lonesome country of New Mexico where Boone was supposed to be headed. Lassiter had no way of knowing that local civil war was fixing to break out. But he wouldn't have avoided the trouble if he had known. Because that wouldn't have been Lassiter.

Published November 01, 2014

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