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Bryan (B.J.) says: "Bounty hunter Grimm first appeared in a one-off and there were no plans for a series. But once I'd done a second I saw the obvious advantage of using the same central character and relationships - they are ready-made and you have less work to do! Also, at the end of a book there are often a few loose ends, usually minor, which can be used as the springboard for the next one - you have an automatic beginning. Again less work! Moreover, once a series becomes regular, one gets into the habit of deliberately leaving a loose end that can be picked up subsequently if required.

One thing that I did enjoy about building this series was it allowed me to spread out from the usual format. I'd started when Grimm was an established bounty hunter in his middle years and, prompted by readers asking what happened before, I went back to his youthful days and wrote some prequels. Charting his life from youth to old age through seven books enabled me to envisage the story on a grander scale - as a saga taking in the sweep of American history from the 1850s, early Indian troubles, through the civil war up to the turn of the 20th century."

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