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From master story teller, Matt Chisholm aka comes the gripping sage of revenger. Joe Blade is tough, tender and temperamental. Slow to anger, fast with a gun an slouch with women. A man tempered by the West, dangerous living and a perpetual gamble with death.
Peter Watts had success with his western series STORM and McALLISTER under the name of Matt Chisholm and SPUR as Cy James. All available from Piccadilly Publishing. Now comes BLADE ....

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Published January 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55

"Blade knew the lives of the others rated on him. As he charged into the black tunnel, he knew he was a plain target against the light. The other man's gun roared deafeningly in the confined space … "

BLADE: tough, tender and temperamental. Slow to anger, fast with a gun and no slouch with women. A man tempered by the West, dangerous living and a perpetual gamble with death.
The Women: the Indian girl was a lovely waif of a grisly massacre. The Mexican girl: mettlesome as a thoroughbred filly and heiress to half of New Mexico. Both of them more desirable than the women of men's dreams …
The Killers: drawn to gold like steel to a magnet, blind the mercy, indifferent to death, they plundered the living and the dead. They were the scourge of the West. Now they faced Blade …

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Published March 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55

They gambled bloodily with the lives of innocent men and women ...

They used mayhem and murder to fulfil their ambitions ...

The prize in their deadly game was the Territory of Arizona. Law and order rested in the hands of Joe Blade, lovely Charity Clayton and veteran scout George McMasters. The Tucson Ring has penetrated all walks of life in the Territory. Only two men and a woman stood between them and power ...

Published May 01, 2018
RecommendedPrice: $1.99 / £1.55

"It was the classic challenge, the meeting of two famous guns ... an incident rare in the West and seen by few men. They met in the lamplight of old Laredo Tow, each man pacing slowly in the face of death. Only one would walk away ..."

Even the Texas Rangers and the local law held back from the two powerful, land-hungry millionaires. Joe Blade was the only man left to challenge them. They ambushed him, bushwhacked him and tried to run him out of town, but he survived. Meeting violence with violence, Blade would never surrender until he had concluded the Laredo Assigment.

Published July 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55

"The girl was in the saddle with the tope around her neck. Tweley started to mount his horse. Knowing that the girl's life was held in the balance, Blade lifted the Colt from his belt, pulled back the hammer and pressed the trigger in one movement ..."

Pecos country - tough on horses, hell for women. Land where Kiowas hunted horses, Comanches looked for loot, Mescalero hunted the white man-and Joe Blade hunted a child killer. He knew he rode to his own possible death at the hands of the Indians. But he had no choice, for in his hands lay Western justice and the fate of the white girl in the lonely Pecos ranch house.

Published September 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55

"Doke Struther saw the light glimmer faintly on the barell of the gun in the loft ... Blade drew his gun with the speed that put him in the top echelons of gunfighters and he hit the man standing directly in front of him ..."

JOE BLADE: a man who survived in a dangerous world with only his gun and wits to back him. SALOME AND ROXANNE: beautiful women who survived in the same world by knowing how to use their beauty and wits. DOKE STRUTHER: who had checked in his gun for a bottle of whiskey and looked like he would not survive at all. MART SUMMERS: the old mountain man who found the Spanish gold and meant to keep it. HARRY LISTER:who master-minded a bunch of hard cases with murder in their hearts and rape in their minds, in search of the women and the gold.

An explosive mixture - can they survive the blast?


Published November 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.55

"A man appeared from behind a bench in front of him. He had a gun in his hand and it was pointed at McMasters. A faint sound behind him brought him around. Two more men stood between him and the door. They also held guns and they were also pointed as McMasters ..."

The Mexican Proposition was the creation of a new state comprising northern Mexico and south-western United States - the Republic of the Rio Grande. It would stretch from Louisiana to the Pacific.
Brigand and murderer Profirio Rojas and hi stand of traitors raised the new flag and relied on a secret weapon for victory.

They were opposed by three men and a girl - Doke Struther, the millionaire's son who gambled his life without question, George McMasters, half-Cheynene and true to his word, Joe Blade - and Charity Clayton, as brave as she was lovely. Their job was to defeat the new republic ... or die!

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