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was born and educated in London's East End but now lives with his family in Essex. Mike has always been an aficionado of the American West. An author of several Western novels and has contributed to reference works on the western frontier and western writers, also in anthologies ranging from SF, historicals and crime through to the Old West. He is the award-winning author of The Wild West, a reference work for children. For his western novel Death in the Canyon Mike chose to write it as 'Jim A. Nelson' as a tribute to his late parents, Jim & Nell (Eleanor); running it together it came out as 'Jim and Nell's son'. Mike is also the editor the U.K.'s Number One online ezine devoted to the crime and thriller genre Shotsmag Ezine.  
David Whitehead  DAVID WHITEHEAD
has been writing since he was knee-high to the proverbial grasshopper and can now lay claim a body of work that includes more than eighty novels in a variety of genres, about thirty war-themed stories for Commando and well in excess of a hundred and fifty published magazine articles. Best-known under his pseudonym 'Ben Bridges', Dave was born in the East End of London in 1958. A twenty-time (at the last count) Number One bestselling Amazon Kindle Western writer, he is married and lives in Suffolk, barely a stone's-throw from the most most easterly point in the U.K.
Tony Masero  TONY MASERO
is an internationally known Illustrator, who is best known for the Western covers he created for the two best-selling and long running Western series for George G Gilman's Edge and Steele characters, where he painted most of the covers for the European market. After a successful career in Illustration he turned to writing and now often uses his earlier skills to create the design and artwork for his own book jackets. During a long career his artwork has fronted many popular books in different genres but his love of Westerns arose out of the research necessary to complete his artwork and in the same way he often creates his novels around some elements of historical fact. Tony has two sons and a daughter and now lives with his wife, Diana in Portugal.
Edward Martin  EDWARD MARTIN
The all-important look of Piccadilly Publishing books has been crafted in large part by our Scottish artist-in-residence, Edward Martin. Married to Shelagh, and the father of two sons, Paul and John, Ed is, amazingly, a self-taught artist. "I picked up an old set of my wife's oil paints when I was made redundant," Ed remembers, "just for something to do to fill my time, and have been painting ever since. I love Western movies and books, and mourn the passing of the days when you could walk into a bookshop and pick and choose through dozens of Western titles, especially the old Gold Medal, Bantam and Corgi paperbacks."
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