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by Neil Hunter

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When Bodie went after Ty McLennan, it had nothing to do with money. McLennan shot and killed Gunnar Olsen during a bank robbery, and Olsen was a friend to the bounty man. When he attended the funeral, he met US Marshal Alvin LeRoy. LeRoy was also on the trail of McLennan and his bunch, so they decided to team up and track them down together.

Battling brutal weather and violent outlaws, Bodie and LeRoy rode hard to prevent McLennan's next job, an audacious robbery, but as always, the showdown could go one of two ways. Bodie could exact revenge for his murdered friend … or join him on Boot Hill!

Published February 15, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Marshal Ed Pruitt had been bringing Sam Trask to justice when the coach they were riding in was wrecked. Trask escaped, murdered the driver and took one of the coach's horses. Now Pruitt wants Bodie to bring Trask in before the wanted man can ride out of the Dakotas and cross the line into Canada. Where Pruitt couldn't easily cross the border into Canada, Bodie has no problems. But what should be a straightforward pursuit soon turns into something far more puzzling. Trask is a killer, many times over. Yet people are willing to cover for him. Beaten and shot, Bodie continues to risk his life to uncover what hides in the shadows. As he rides the savage hills, facing bullets and treacherous weather, Bodie is at his best, fighting the odds and proving that he’s the toughest manhunter the West will ever see.

Published July 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


In the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, Bodie is on the trail of Lew Gallman and his gang. They're a bunch of brutal killers who'll go to any lengths to get what they want, and kill anyone who stands in their way. Tracking the Gallman bunch in the heart of a raging storm, Bodie takes shelter in a cave and meets Ruby Keogh, survivor of an encounter with the Gallman crew. When one of the Gallman gang shows up, Bodie deals with him and is then tasked, reluctantly at first, with seeing that Ruby gets to safety before he can continue his manhunt. At last, riding into the high country, Bodie faces danger and near-death before the hunt climaxes on the peaks of the Bighorn Mountains, where the outlaws fight to the last man against The Stalker.

Published March 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Bodie was trailing three men who'd escaped from Yuma Pen – three men he’d helped to put there in the first place. But when they shot his horse out from under him, he found himself set afoot in the searing desert. If he was to turn the tables on the men now hunting him, he needs to reach the life-saving waters at Pinto Wells. But just when he figured he's in the clear, he found another shock awaiting him. A face from his past. An equally dedicated killer–thought to be dead–who's tracked Bodie down and plans to exact his own vengeance. Bodie figured he was safe after dealing with the escapees. But now he faces another challenge from the man called Silverbuck. This time it's a struggle to the death, with no quarter and only one will walk away from the desert run…

Published December 01, 2015
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


The day a Kiowa Indian saved Bodie’s life was one that neither of them would forget. In Long Walker, Bodie found the nearest thing to a partner he’d ever need. They were both hunters, outcasts, loners— and they were both on the trail of a bible-spouting killer called Parson Kane. However, they discovered that even as a team they may have bitten off more than they could chew …

Published December 01, 2013
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Jody Butler was a mean, vicious kid. For a long while he'd had the run of the territory where his rich, powerful father was the law. But the day Jody blew a man's head away with a shotgun, the townspeople of Pine Ridge decided they'd had enough. They hired a killed. He was called Bodie. For the first time in his life it looked like the Stalker had bitten off more than he could chew. Major Butler wasn't the type to sit back and see his boy taken in by a bounty hunter. He hit Bodie with everything he had. Bodie was kicked, beaten, damn near killed. But he soaked it all up, and came back for more … Welcome to the world of BODIE THE STALKER.

Published July 01, 2013
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


The half-breed Coyote was a ruthless killer. It needed an equally ruthless man to run him down, and Bodie was the only gunman who could measure up. He set out to find Coyote, but the first complication came in the voluptuous form of Eden Chantry, a girl he knew from way back. The second big problem was Silva, a hitman from the East. Bodie's reputation had spread even as far as New York, and somebody there had decided that The Stalker was too dangerous to live …

Published Febraury 01, 2013
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86

    3: HIGH HELL

Bodie was set against a powerful, ruthless landowner who wanted Angela Crown's mine and wasn’t going to let one gunman stop him from getting it. That was just one of the bounty hunter's problems. There was also a beautiful, wealthy and cold-blooded whore called Beth Arling and she, too, had good reason to want Bodie dead …

Published November 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Bodie was on the trail again. In San Filipe a priest had been brutalized, a young girl raped and a statue stolen. Bodie aimed to kill the men responsible. He had once been a lawman, but now he tracked outlaws for bounty, and his own satisfaction. He would blast a murderer's head off without flinching — it was all in a day's work. Only this time it was different. Bodie had a personal stake in wanting these men dead. For a killer, a private quarrel can be fatal …

Published December 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86


Bodie was a bounty hunter, a legalized killer, a man alone. He was a survivor in a tough world where a gunman's life depended on his ruthlessness and speed on the draw. But Bodie didn't kid himself about the glory of being a gunslinger. Killing was a trade and Bodie was for hire to anyone with enough money and desperation. Yet there was one man who tried to take Bodie for a two-bit greenhorn. And Bodie wasn't about to be taken …

Published July 01, 2012
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.86

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