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Clash of the Titans ... BODIE meets BRAND
Explosive All NEW Western action from Neil Hunter.


When Brand and Bodie arrive in San Francisco, searching for a kidnapped girl, The City By the Bay doesn’t exactly welcome them with open arms. But danger has never stopped these two before – not even when it comes in the form of a deadly Chinese Tong determined to extend its opium empire as far as the east coast.
The Tong might be ready and willing to stop anyone getting in its way, but Brand and Bodie have an ally in the shape of a friend from Brand’s past – Captain Richard Hunt, a British agent from Jamaica, who sided with Brand on a previous assignment. Now all they have to do is bring the Tong, and its murderous criminal contact Milo Traeger, down.
It’s a tall order, but one thing is certain – San Francisco won’t forget the day Brand and Bodie brought their Two Guns West.

Published May 01, 2016
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.40


Jason Brand’s latest assignment took him into the San Juan Mountains of New Mexico. He was looking for a Deputy US Marshal and a government geologist, both of whom had gone missing. But what should have been a routine assignment turned out to be anything but—with an unexpected surprise for him along the way.
Bodie the Stalker, on a hunt for a brutal killer, rode the same trail. For him it was just another manhunt … until he found himself on the wrong end of the chase. Then there was the Monk clan …
They were a family that had no time for visitors because they had secrets to hide and were more than prepared to kill in order to keep them.
But then Bodie met Brand. And when they joined forces, the Monks found themselves fighting for their lives.
Brand and Bodie—when they teamed up it was like hell had come to the high country. It became Two Guns North with all guns blazing.

Published August 01, 2015
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.31

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