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Ray Hogan

Ray Hogan is an author who has inspired a loyal following ever since he published his first Western novel Ex-Marshal in 1956. Hogan was born in Willow Springs, Missouri, where his father was town marshal. At five the Hogan family moved to Albuquerque where Ray Hogan lived in the foothills of the Sandia and Manzano mountains. His father was on the Albuquerque police force and, in later years, owned the Overland Hotel. It was while listening to his father and other old-timers tell tales from the past that Ray was inspired to recast these tales in fiction. From the beginning he did exhaustive research into the history and the people of the Old West and the walls of his study were lined with various firearms, spurs, pictures, books, and memorabilia, about all of which he could talk in dramatic detail.
Among his most popular works are the series of books about Shawn Starbuck, a searcher in a quest for a lost brother, who has a clear sense of right and wrong and who is willing to stand up and be counted when it is a question of fairness or justice. His other major series is about lawman John Rye, whose reputation has earned him the sobriquet The Doomsday Marshal. "I've attempted to capture the courage and bravery of those men and women that lived out west and the dangers and problems they had to overcome," Hogan once remarked. If his lawmen protagonists seem sometimes larger than life, it is because they are men of integrity, heroes who through grit, character and common sense are able to overcome the obstacles they encounter despite often overwhelming odds.
This same grit of character can also be found in Hogan's heroines and, in The Vengeance of Fortuna West, Hogan wrote a gripping and totally believable account of a woman who takes up the badge and tracks the men who killed her lawman husband by ambush. No less intriguing in her way is Nellie Dupray, convicted of rustling in The Glory Trail. Above all, what is most impressive about Hogan's Western novels is the consistent quality with which each is crafted, the compelling depth of his characters, and his ability to juxtapose the complexities of human conflict into narratives always as intensely interesting as they are emotionally involving.

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Published January 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $2.99/ £2.55

It was more than Shawn Starbuck had reckoned for.
Unceasingly he had searched for his brother … a legacy at stake for them both - asking endless questions on numberless trails, in sun-baked towns, at desolate huts and sprawling ranches ... and now it seemed, at long last, his searching would end. Only it wasn't that simple. Suddenly there were three desperate men on the scene … cutthroats and renegades … each staunchly determined to see Starbuck dead. If they couldn't do the job, the richest man in the territory would hire gunslingers who could. Starbuck had a choice. He could turn tail, clear out, and save his hide. But he wasn't the kind of man who dodged trouble … no matter what the odds.


Starbuck had ridden endless miles over the trackless southwest on an unending quest for his brother. Now he was almost on the heels of the man who might be Ben. But deep in the wilds of Arizona, Starbuck stopped to aid a stranger against savage Apaches, a man on a mysterious mission of his own, a man who led Starbuck into a web of vengeance and bloody violence...

Published March 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $2.99/ £2.55

Shawn Starbuck had covered thousands of rugged miles through the wild Southwest, in search of his lost brother Ben. Now at last, he had a real clue. The end seemed almost in sight ...
Then Starbuck met up with Jim Kelso, a man who desperately needed his help. Kelso's ranch, Three Cross, was besieged by ruthless marauders who would stop at nothing until the ranch was theirs. What were they after? What was the priceless secret of Three Cross? Starbuck swore to find out, though it might mean losing the trail to Ben … and his own neck … in a blood-drenched battle for land and gold.


For years Starbuck had searched the grueling trails and blistering deserts for his brother Ben. Just when it seemed that the long search had ended, Starbuck stumbled through the gates of a hidden valley. Its inhabitants were being held captive in the clutches of a gang of ruthless renegades.
And they weren't about to let a man like Starbuck go about his business … the only way they'd let him leave the valley was in a pine box ...

Published May 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $2.99/ £2.55

If ever a man asked for enemies, it was Pierce Hagerman, known as "Mr. Texas." Hated by all who knew him … including his own young son and beautiful daughter … the powerful rancher invited murder with every ruthless act he committed. Now a secret killer had been hired to give Mr. Texas what he'd been asking for ...
Shawn Starbuck came to Hagerman's ranch, Hash Knife, following the trail of his lost brother Ben, but he stayed to become hired bullet-catcher to the tyrant. It was a stay that would put his heart … and his life … on the line, and climax in a blaze of flaming violence.


Shawn Starbuck has ridden endless dusty miles through the Southwest searching for his lost brother Ben. Now, on a tip from Wyatt Earp himself, he comes to Babylon … a glittering gambling town where vice and violence flourish unchecked.
When Starbuck signs on as town marshal, he vows to bring law and order to the streets of Babylon ... until a stranger rides in with a message from Ben. Is it a trap … or does Ben really need him?

Published July 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $2.99/ £2.55

Shawn Starbuck had searched for his brother Ben across the whole southwest—and now the gap seemed to be narrowing…
That was why Shawn couldn't refuse to join the rag-tag posse that Sheriff Harry Brandon was raising to hunt down a thieving crew of outlaw killers. Because there was a hard-luck chance that Ben was among the ones Brandon vowed to bring back, perhaps alive but preferably dead.
So Starbuck rode out toward the high country with Brandon, and a bitter black cowboy named Rome, and a fall-down drunk named Glider, and a yellow belly named Moody. And Starbuck had to decide when the showdown came which way to point his gun…


Sheriff Sam Culver's murder wasn't something to be brushed under a rug and forgotten. Shawn Starbuck had signed on as Culver's deputy, and now it was up to him to find the killer.
He suspected the obnoxious son of the town's leading citizen, but nobody was willing to believe him. Some even accused Starbuck himself of the murder. When he hit the trail, all the cards were stacked against him bringing back the real culprit – if he managed to live that long.
It wasn't Shawn Starbuck's town, and it wasn't his fight – he'd been drawn into it by accident. But the murder of a man, any man, and the willful ignoring of the law … hell, that was everyone's problem!

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