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by J.T. Edson

The series consist of just three books that were first published in 1971. A very young Waxahachie Smith had appeared in the Floating Outfit series and Edson had the character grow into a Texas Ranger who had his trigger fingers removed to stop him from hunting a criminal. Later books in the series guest starred a middle-aged Floating Outfit.


Cow thieves and killers were making Bonham County an easy place to die and a likely place for a range war between the angry Chicano and gringo ranchers. Texas Ranger Waxahacie Smith, sent to quell the trouble had a reputation as a fast gun. A bullet between a desperado's eyes soon proved his aim was as good as his fame. But a single act of savagery would threaten the lean, tall Texan's ability ever to shoot again...and light a fire of hate in his heart that only .44-caliber justice could satisfy...

Published April 01, 2105
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.99

    2: SLIP GUN

Folks said that Waxahachie Smith was finished when his enemies cut off both his trigger-fingers. But he came from a breed that did not accept defeat. So he rode the range, ready to sell his fighting skills to the highest bidder. Nor was he ever out of employment when it was found he could still handle a gun with deadly speed. A telegram warned of trouble in Widow's Creek. A special badge would make Waxahachie Smith marshal of this wild and woolly range town, but it also made him the target of a stone-cold killer. Ex-Texas Ranger Smith had lost both his trigger fingers years back, and some folks said he was washed up as a gunfighter. Now Smith's manhood and his life were on the line...a specially made slip gun was in his holster...and the town's safety was in his hands.

Published September 01, 2105
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.99


There's big trouble for Texas cattle ranchers. A mysterious disease called "Texas Fever" seems to follow their herds to market. Now their steers may be banned from Kansas and the railroad--a measure that will spell ruin for them all. The governor's ready to do anything to find a cure, even pardon a man with a price on his head, Waxahachie Smith. The scheme is all Captain Dusty Fog's idea. He knows Wax dreams of coming home to Texas, where he's a wanted man. Now Wax can return if he takes over the protection of a brilliant young vet who may be close to a breakthrough cure. But unscrupulous men will gain if the Texas cattlemen go under. And with flying bullets and hired killers getting ever closer, Wax needs to use his famous slip gun to even the odds--to draw fast, shoot straight, and fight to the death to clear his name.

Published January 01, 2106
Recommended Price: $1.99/ £1.99

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