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This series consists of three novels set in the Lone Star State of Texas, featuring different characters and fast-action.

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Published November 15, 2017
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.61

After starpackin' for a spell in Benton, Rawley Pierson and his pard Chaw Stevens reckoned it was high time they got back to some honest work like cow punching. So, they handed in their tin stars and headed north through the Diablos, fixin' to find work in the panhandle. But trouble seems to follow the men like coyotes on a spring herd, and soon they found themselves trading lead in a full scale range war.

Hired by Zeb Hawkins to protect his small Circle H Bar spread from the army of gun-totin' rustlers working for rival cattleman Ed MacWilliams, Rawley and Chaw kept their guns loaded and the herd on the move. But when Rawley kills a gunsel in a fair fight and is sentenced to hang, there's hell to pay. Busting out of jail to clear his name, the ex-sheriff and his ornery sidekick go gunnin' for payback until the open Texas range runs red with rustlers' blood.


Published February 15, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.61

Trouble was riding high in Stavanger, Texas, and his name was Ace Erickson. With guns blazing and killing in their hearts, Ace and his gang of outlaws took over the dusty cowtown lock, stock and local lawman. Holed up and sitting pretty, Ace commenced a spree of rustling and robbing clean across Denton County until no spread was safe. And, any decent man with gumption enough to call them out got a bellyful of lead and a pine box for his trouble ... until the likes of Texas Ranger Captain Charlie Delano rode into town.

The governor had ordered the veteran lawman to clean up Denton County by putting Erickson behind bars and Delano aimed to do it. Teaming with Guy Tyrone and Gideon Magee, two of the orneriest peace officers ever to pack a Ranger star, Delano cut a road of outlaw blood clean to Ace's door. Outnumbered by the owlhoot army, with the odds fading faster than the Rangers could reload, Delano reckoned there was one way to bring law and order back to Stavanger. Standing tall, he walked out in the open, ready to face Erickson alone in a deadly showdown only one man could win!


Published May15, 2018
Recommended Price: $1.99 / £1.61

In the time the hardworking Barlow boys tended their south Texas spread, there'd been no rustling trouble. So when Morgan got word of his old Rebel buddy's funeral, he saddled up, leaving his brother Sam to mind the herd for a spell while he paid his respects. 'Course, he never reckoned on the likes of Zach Medford and his gang of bloodthirsty gunmen rising across the Mex border to kill his kin and steal his cattle.

Revenge burning in his guts, Morgan tracked the varmints day and night by the trail of blood they left clear down to Mexico. Taking up with a sharp-shooting gal named Anna Lee and Marcel Palu, a rawhide tough Cajun trapper, both with their own bitter debts to settle with Medford, Barlow cornered the outlaws in their own stinking hideout. With bullets flying fast and furious under the hot desert sun, the final showdown leaves the Texican trio standing tall and the hardcases facedown and done for!

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