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Wilderness (book series) is the generational saga of a mountain man and his Shoshone wife by American author David Robbins. The authentic story of a tough mountain man and his battle to live free. The series has run for twenty years, making it one of the longest contemporary series written by a single author. Piccadilly Publishing is proud to present both the Double Editions and the Giant Editions in digital form.

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Published April 01, 2018
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

The unforgiving wilderness of the Rocky Mountains forced a boy to grow up fast, so Nate King taught his son, Zach, how to survive the constant hazards and hardships—and he taught him well. With an Indian war party on the prowl and a marauding grizzly on the loose, young Zach was about to face the test of his life, with no room for failure. But there was one danger Nate hadn't prepared Zach for—a beautiful girl with blue eyes.


The brutal wilderness of the Rocky Mountains can be deadly to those unaccustomed to its dangers. So when the Coyfield clan from the hill country back East arrive at Nate King's part of the mountain, Nate is more than willing to lend a hand and show them some hospitality. He has no way of knowing that this clan is used to fighting—and killing—for what they want. And they want Nate's land for their own!

Published February 6, 2018
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

When mountain man Nathaniel King promises a dying Ute warrior that he would find the man's son, he has no idea that he will soon confront an enemy unlike any he has ever faced. For his trail will lead him and his family straight into the clutches of a mysterious, hidden tribe--a tribe that no white man has ever seen and lived to describe.


When Nate King came upon a pair of green would-be trappers from New York, he was only too glad to risk his life to save them into his own cabin that he realized they would repay his kindness...with betrayal. When the backshooters revealed their true colors, Nate knew he was in for a brutal battle -- with the lives of his family hanging in the balance.


Published December 6, 2017
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Though living on the frontier was deadly, the reward for the hardy souls brave enough to take the risk was unlimited freedom--freedom that murderous renegades would steal for a few pieces of gold. When mountain man Nathaniel King and his family were threatened by a band of slavers, they faced enemies like none they'd ever battled.


Strong mountain men like Nate King risked everything to carve a new world from the frontier, and they weren't about to give it up without a fight. But when some friendly Crows asked Nate to help them rescue a missing girl from a band of murderous Lakota, he set off on a journey that would take him to the end of the trail--and possibly the end of his life.

Published October 6, 2017
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Back in the days when a man's worth was judged by his courage, the rugged pioneers in the Rocky Mountains were among the bravest. Settlers like Nathaniel King fought from day to day, never knowing when warring Indians or cutthroat renegades would attack. One new enemy could cause them untold pain; one small mistake could bring them excruciating death. And when Nate faced a foe bullets would not kill, his rifle couldn't save him. If his cunning failed, King would end up as nothing more than another notch in his seemingly invincible adversary's belt.


Before the yoke of civilization had tamed the land, a man had to fight for his life in the Rocky Mountains. If hostile Indians weren't hunting for his scalp, ferocious grizzlies or man-eating mountain lions were after his flesh. And if the summer heat wasn't boiling his blood, the winter cold was freezing it. So Nathaniel King and other settlers were forever on the lookout for possible dangers, and they were always ready to match death with death. But when a marauding band of killers and thieves kidnapped his wife and children, Nate had finally run into enemies who pushed his skill and cunning to the limit. And it would only take one wrong move for him to lose his family—and his only reason for living.

Published August 06, 2017
Recommended Price: $3.50/ £ 2.71 (exc VAT

In the wild Rockies, a man had to act as judge, jury and executioner against his enemies. Only strong mountain men like Nathaniel King could outfight the savage Indians and bloodthirsty renegades roaming the unexplored territory. And when trappers started turning up dead, their bodies horribly mutilated, Nate and his friends vowed to hunt down the ruthless killers. Taking the law into their own hands, they soon found that one hasty decision could make them as guilty as the murderers they wanted to stop.


The savage Rockies–home to bloodthirsty Indians and ferocious beasts. With cunning, grit and skill, Nate King had hacked a life out of the punishing wilderness. A seasoned hunter and trapper, King could fend off attacks from brutal warriors and furious grizzlies alike. But a hunt for a mountain lion twice the size of other deadly cats proved to be his greatest challenge. If Nate couldn't destroy the monstrous creature, it would slaughter innocent settlers … and the massacre would begin with Nate's family.


Published May 6, 2017
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Savage and dangerous, the unexplored Rockies hid threats that could kill even the most experienced mountain men. And any greenhorn unlucky enough to get stranded in a wilderness blizzard faced a brutal death. Settlers like Nathaniel King had the survival skills needed to live through the fierce winter storms, and they willingly helped any stranded traveler. But when Nate took in a pair of strangers who had lost their way in the snow, their kindness was repaid with vile treachery. If King wasn't careful, he and his young family would not live to see another spring.


Under constant threat of Indian attack, a handful of white trappers and traders lived short, violent lives, painfully aware that their next breath could be their last. With only raw courage to aid them, Nathaniel King and other pioneers braved the savage Rockies to claim the freedom they found there. But when a deadly dispute among rival tribes blew up into a bloody war, Nate had to make peace between the enemies–or he and his young family would be the first to lose their scalps.

Published January 31, 2017
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Before there were laws, taxes and the pollution of so-called civilization, a free man could go to breathe the pure air of liberty in the vast, untamed Rockies. There, Nathaniel King and other rugged mountain men were always willing to lend struggling settlers a helping hand. But when Nate freed Solomon Cain from an Indian death trap, the apparently innocent man repaid his kindness by leaving him stranded in the wilds. Only with the help of a Ute brave who sought vengeance against Cain could Nate set right the mistake he had made. Cain deserved more than death. He deserved wilderness justice!

Rugged and independent, the mountain men who lived in the savage Rockies needed great courage just to survive. Not a day passed without wild animals, deadly cutthroats or hostile elements threatening to destroy them. To protect their homes and families, Nathaniel King and other settlers taught their sons the skills that would help them battle their enemies. But young Zach King was still a tenderfoot when vicious Indians captured his father. If Zach hadn't learned his lessons well enough to save him, then Nate's only hope would be a quick death.

Published November 1, 2016
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Northwest Passage
Life in the savage Rockies was never easy for the courageous mountain men who dared to live there. Threatened every day by hostile Indians and cutthroat frontiersmen, Nathaniel King and other intrepid settlers knew that trusting the wrong person could cost them their lives. But when Nate agreed to lead a seemingly innocent group of pioneers through the treacherous mountains, he made a mistake that could be his last. For the Banner party had a secret they did not want revealed, and they were more than willing to kill to keep it hidden.

Apache Blood
Life in the wild Rockies was never easy for the courageous mountain men who lived there. And those settlers who dared to travel were endangered by murderous cutthroats and vicious beasts. Only intrepid pioneers like Nathaniel King had the strength and skill to battle the ever-present perils. But when Nate and his young family journeyed to the southern Rockies, bloodthirsty Apaches kidnapped his wife and son. With the help of his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nate would save his loved ones—or pay the ultimate price.



Published August 1, 2016
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Mountain Devil
1832: life in the Rocky Mountains was filled with danger and mystery. Indian legends held that deep in secluded valleys lurked bizarre creatures bent on destroying man. Although Indians shunned such places, courageous settlers like Nathaniel King had no time for such tales, and they willingly braved these forbidden areas. But when Nate led a hunting expedition into a valley where one of these monsters was said to live, several of his fellow hunters were viciously slain. And before long Nate himself became the prey of a beast that might have come out of his worst nightmare.

Blackfoot Massacre
Life in the savage Rockies was not easy on Nathaniel King and other courageous mountain men who dared to settle there. For every day, wild animals, treacherous Indians, or brutal elements threatened their very existence. With all these dangers, Nate never expected any trouble from a missionary bent on converting the hostile tribesmen. But when the Reverend John Burke was trapped in perilous Blackfoot territory, Nate had to save the man&emdash;or he’d bear the brand of a coward until the day he died.

Published June 1, 2016
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Vengeance Hunt
In 1829, life west of the Mississippi was filled with constant peril and hardship. At any moment, a settler might find himself threatened by a murderous Indian or a deadly beast. Only rugged mountain men like Nathaniel King had the courage to challenge the unknown dangers for the freedom the wilderness offered. But when Nate and his mentor Shakespeare McNair made enemies of two Flathead Indians, their survival skills were tested as never before. If either man made one mistake, both would suffer merciless deaths.

Death Hunt
A new life in the vast uncharted region beyond the Mississippi River was a cause for celebration and fear. With wild beasts, lawless renegades, and hostile Indians enough there to threaten even the bravest of men, a newborn had little hope for survival. Upon the birth of their first child, trapper Nathaniel King and his Indian wife were overjoyed. But their delight turned to terror when Nathan accompanied the men of Winona’s tribe on a deadly buffalo hunt. If King didn’t return, his family was sure to perish.


Published June 1, 2016
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Tomahawk Revenge
In 1828, few white men had set foot west of the Mississippi River, and of those who did, even fewer lived to describe the unknown territory. Only tough mountain men like Nathaniel King had the strength and knowledge to carve out a life in that savage region. But when a war party of Blackfoot Indians kidnapped his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nathaniel found his survival skills tested as never before. If King made one mistake, neither he nor Shakespeare would ever tell anyone their tale.

Black Powder Justice
At the turn of the 19th century, very few white men dared to venture into the immense, unsettled region west of the Mississippi. And of those who did, only courageous men like Nathaniel King had the skills and strength to survive the harsh, frozen wilderness. But when three vicious trappers ambushed him and kidnapped his pregnant wife, Winona, King faced the greatest challenge of his life. For if Nate did not rescue Winona and their unborn child, the life he had worked so hard to build would be worthless.


Published November 1, 2015
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

Savage Rendezvous
In 1828, the Rocky Mountains were an immense, unsettled region through which few white men dared to travel. Only courageous mountain men like Nathaniel King were willing to risk the unknown dangers for the freedom the wilderness offered. But while attending a rendezvous of trappers and fur traders, King’s freedom was threatened when he was accused of murdering several men for their money. With the help of his friend Shakespeare McNair, Nathaniel had to prove his innocence. For he had not cast off the fetters of society to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Blood Fury
In 1828, the Rocky Mountains were wild and treacherous. Anyone daring to travel there faced unknown dangers and adventures at every turn. On a hunting trip, young Nathaniel King stumbled onto a disgraced Crow Indian. Attempting to regain his honor, Sitting Bear placed himself and his family in great peril, for a war party of hostile Utes threatened to kill them all. When the savages wounded Sitting Bear and kidnapped his wife and daughter, Nathaniel had to rescue them or watch them perish. But despite his skill in tricking unfriendly Indians, King might just have met an enemy he could not outsmart.


Published July 1, 2015
Recommended Price: $3.50 / £ 2.71 (exc VAT)

King of the Mountain
Nathaniel King left New York City in 1828 to venture into the vast, unexplored regions beyond the Mississippi because his uncle had promised to share with him the greatest treasure in the world. Nathaniel’s trail led him from danger to danger, and into the wild, uninhabited Rocky Mountains, where life was a struggle to survive from one day to the next. But if Nathaniel lived, he would unearth a treasure far more valuable than he had ever imagined!

Lure of the Wild
Up in the Rockies, where a man could live free, Nathaniel King and a rugged mountain man named Shakespeare McNair headed for a rendezvous of trappers and fur traders. But hostile Utes and Blackfoot Indians pursued them relentlessly, determined to have their scalps. Despite the protection of a friendly band of Shoshone, Nathaniel and Shakespeare faced a peril that might mean not only the end of their quest for freedom, but also the end of their lives!


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