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by Frederick Nolan

A sweeping saga which traces the turbulent history of American through the lives of men and women whose deeds and dreams would forever mark the world ...


Davy Strong was penniless, friendless and as raw and green as the vast frontier itself when he arrived in Boston in the winter of 1775. But within a few harrowing, tumultuous moths Davy Strong would be one of the first breed of men. A man caught between the old world and the new; between the loyalties of tradition and the loyalties of the heart.

This is his story—and the story of the women who loved him: the hot-blooded Isabella, who took what she wanted, but who couldn't control her young lover; her strong-willed daughter, Martha, who could forgive him anything; even loving her own mother; and the Indian girl who lay buried in the wilderness with all his boyhood dreams.

Published March 08, 2018
Recommended Price: $3.99/ £2.99

    Book Two: BLIND DUTY

The Strong family has grown and prospered, as has the land they have helped to build. From the explorations of Lewis and Clark to nineteenth century politics, from the siege of the Alamo to the War of 1812, the Strongs have been at the forefront of American life.

But now a new war has come. One which will divide the family as it divides the nation, brother against brother, loyalty against pride and which will the test the strength of each man as it tests the foundations of country as a whole.

Published April 08, 2018
Recommended Price: $3.99/ £2.99

    Book Three: FIELD OF HONOR

It began with an illicit love affair ... and became a feud that threatened a family's ruin.

These were the decades which shaped a nation. Decades of bloodshed and ambition that turned America from a backward land of farmers into one of the most greatest powers on Earth.

And this is the story of two families whose greed and dreams, loves and passions, loyalties and betrayals helped shape those decades.

NB: This was first release under the name of Danielle Rockfern

Published May 08, 2018
Recommended Price: $3.99/ £2.99

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