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madigan's trail

Bren Madigan was the toughest of the tough US Marshals and he had but one obsession in life - to see the crooked Senator Earl Hillerman put behind bars.

When that happened, Madigan figured he could coast through the rest of his life. But Hillerman reached out from deep inside the State Penitentiary and sought vengeance on the witnesses who had helped convict him.

Hell broke loose and Madigan knew that there was only one way to stop Hillerman for good ...

Published June 01, 2012
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$1.99 USD
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Amazon Reviews

This is a fast action western with twist, and turns. Well written and laid out, with a great ending. I loved it. 5 Stars from Crumbach

This book was a good read add this to your list of books to read a real western just try it. 4 Stars from Kevlar_1

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