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Over Your Dead Body by Tony Masero

It's 1862, and rebel-held Richmond, Virginia, is under attack by Union forces.

Belle Slaughter goes undercover as an agent for Pinkerton's Secret Service. Her passport into the capital's society is marriage to the dissolute Confederate colonel, Courtney Monette, but that doesn't cramp her style. She'll play the field and honey-talk her way into the confidence of any eager young Johnny Reb officer who knocks on her boudoir door.

What Belle discovers leads her down a dangerous path that-if she's caught-promises risk of death by firing squad or the hangman's noose.

As the enemy closes in on her, Kirby Langstrom is hunting down an outlaw irregular and comes across a sinister secret society that is mobilizing its forces under the banner of the South.

Whilst both agents struggle against the might of Confederate subterfuge, an old enemy rears his head and with blood in his eye crosses the battle lines in search of revenge.

The adversaries are destined to come together against the background of the first major conflict of the Civil War. Even as the struggle continues more plots come to light that are certain to undermine the advantage of both sides in the conflict.

Bo Peep may have lost her sheep, but Belle has found her little lamb ... and she intends for it to go to the cleaners before it's slaughtered.

Published February 01, 2013
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