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First Shot

The Caleb Thorn series is written against the background of the American Civil War and contains graphic violence and adult content

The book opens with the death of a slave at the hands of his female owner - Rachel Lowell. At a Washington society party for Caleb Thorn's 21st birthday, they witness the death of Lieutenant Janson in a duel with Thorn.

Rachel and Thorn are engaged to be married and appear a favorable match. But Thorn is a bully and a cad - his roving eye for women (especially the older ones) shows him in a different light. But all that changes in a single day.

The Washington society set think it would be fun to witness the opening shots between North and South at what would be known as the Battle of Bull Run. The spectators soon panic when artillery shells burst about them and panic sets in. A stray shell lands on the fleeing folks and kills Thorn's mother, sister and fiancee.

Now Thorn comes out of his apathy and wants revenge against the Rebs. He signs up as a Lieutenant in the Army. Unfortunately his commading officer is Lieutenant-Colonel Janson, father of the man he killed in that duel.

A series of bad decisions sees Thorn thrown into the stockade with other convicts. Janson wants his revenge as well. He gives an ultimatum - take on dirty missions or die trying. Thus the Thorn Raiders are born.

L.J. Coburn is the pen-name for Laurence James and John Harvey

Published January 01, 2013
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