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Floating Outfit 4:
Goodnight’s Dream
Wild Bill 7:
Point Rider
Wilderness 3:
Tomahawk Revenge
Black Powder Justice
Gunsmith 410:
The Silent Assassin
J.T. Edson Judd Cole David Robbins J.R. Roberts
Renegade 8:
Over the Andes To Hell
Hart 10:
The Skinning Place
Fargo 11:
Phantom Gunman
Carmody 5:
Lou Cameron John B. Harvey John Benteen Peter McCurtin
Brand 10:
The Killing Days
Long Knives 1:
Crossed Arrows
Neil Hunter Patrick E. Andrews


Bunduki 3:
Sacrifice to the Quagga God
Giant Gunsmith 11:
Red Mountain
J.T. Edson J.R. Roberts


The Floating Outfit 4:
Goodnight’s Dream
The Floating Outfit 3:
A Horse Called Magollon
Dusty Fog’s Civil War 4:
Under the Stars and Bars
J.T. Edson J.T. Edson J.T. Edson

Amazon UK Customer Reviews:

5 Stars A HORSE CALLED MOGOLLON ... "Excellent book."

5 Stars .44 CALIBER MAN ... "Can't wait for the follow-up book A Horse Called Mogollon I have read most of these books and still go back to them every so often fantastic Best Western Author in my eyes thanks again JT Edson."

5 Stars THE YSABEL KID ... "It was great being able to read J T Edson on my kindle. I can't wait to receive the entire series from the civil war through to rebuilding Texas, the floating outfit series and the 'modern' law makers (descendants of Dusty, Mark and the Isobel Kid etc.). Please, please, please make them all available and very soon. I am one of Edson's most loyal fans."

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